This page is a little about me in English

I am 38 years and suffered from an “adventurer”
enjoy the outdoor life and extremsport.
“Hiking, climbing, abseiling, cycling and long distance run”
is some of the many things I have got acquainted with.
Further I spend much of my time on photography and my dog.


Here is a little about my performance.
Personal bests.
Least measured resting pulse: 31 pulse beats per minute.
Highest measured heart rate: 212 pulses per minute.
My acid threshold lies at 179 pulses per minute
Fastest km-time in race (run): 3 min. 09 sec. = 19.03 km / h
During the longest distance: 60 km Time: 5:43:38
fastest 5 km – 16 min and 05 sec.
Fastest ½ Marathon – 1 hour 27 min and 23 sec.
Fastest Marathon – 3 hours 24 minutes and 47 seconds.
Longest distance cycled 369 km.
Fastest speed on a bicycle: 97.2 km / h

Ironman 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling – 42.195 km race
 at 12 hours 22 min 35 sec.


Photos from various performances HERE in Danish”


I love cake. and controls the cake around the area.
I also take pictures of the best and nicest. See pictures


Once I was in Chamonix in an attempt to climb Mont Blanc.
This however did not succeed. There were many factors that played into it.
See some pictures and the Danish side


Plans for running 2010


18/6 – 24 houers Run – expect 137 km